Interior & Exterior Painting

If your home’s paint or stain is faded, outdated or peeling, or if your siding is damaged, it’s probably time to think about a professional painting job that can breathe life into it any dull part of your home.


Interior Painting

Painting walls is an affordable upgrade to make an older home look new. If you like your current colors, think about refreshing your classic whites: ceilings, doors, moldings and trims. A clean coat will give them a crisp look that will pop right away.

One of the easiest ways to give any room in your home (or your entire home)a facelift is with a fresh choice of colors. At SOL, we have the expertise in matching a palette that will provide the subtlety of impressions that you are looking for in an eye-catching space.

Also, don’t forget that color affects mood, especially when it surrounds an entire room. Perhaps a new painting inside your home can help create a better environment for you and your family.


Exterior Painting

If it has been several years since your last exterior home improvement, remember that exterior painting not only improves the curb appeal dramatically, it also protects your home from moisture. Don’t wait any longer to treat your home. More than a house, it’s your investment. With this being said, exterior painting is always a great return on your investment.